Alaska Paranormal Response Crew

Free services offered for spiritual cleansings!

Welcome to the Alaska Paranormal Response Crew! We are very different from the stereotypical "hunters" in that we provide our services without direct confrontation with any entity that may or may not exist within your home. We believe that communication may open a door which can be highly difficult to close. Another way that we are different is that under NO circumstances do we charge for services rendered!

We are all passionate about helping people in spiritual need and strive to ensure that our client and our team maintain all aspects of safety in every process of our investigation and mitigation.

If you feel that you have a haunting, spiritual oppression, dark entity, or any other kind of unexplained phenomena, please don't hesitate to contact us!

We would like to thank the many locals who support us and what we are trying to achieve! One business we would like to especially thank is A Desert Passage off College Rd. Visit Laura and you will quickly understand why we love that shop so much! 

Visit A Desert Passage's page here!

Due to the numerous requests for our stories to be shared with various TV producers, let me make this abundantly clear! WE DO NOT SHARE CLIENT INFORMATION! These are not OUR stories to share. We are merely a small part in our client's story.  


APRC publications presents a collection of articles required for the most fundamental understanding of the spiritual.  

In this collections of articles, you will discover the beginnings of the strange universe outside of our sight. If you have experienced a spiritual phenomena or seek to find one, these collected articles will guide you to the basic understanding required to branch onto your own path.

APRC publications presents the quintessential guide for new members of our group and for those who seek a different approach to cleansing dark entities.

This compilation is intended for new recruits to the Alaska Paranormal Response Crew (APRC) but is published for the intent of providing people with our method of cleansing demonic entities. Our method has proved highly successful for our clients and we wish for this success to be used the world over!

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A Beginner's Guide to Spiritual Phenomena

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Mitigating Oppressive Demonic Entities

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Services are free but donations are always welcome!

Donations allow us to provide the books, sage, crystals, equipment, gas, and coffee necessary to keep these services running!