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Death Wish Traveler

1 December, 2016

Names are changed to protect our clients.

Jeff heard about us from a close friend and advisor, Heather, who owned a night club we cleansed. Jeff had feelings of angry spirits in his home with his roommate, Billy. Billy had his sister and nephew visit a few months prior. His nephew complained that the little boy in the closet won’t let him sleep because he kept opening the door.

Jeff, while playing video games, experienced the power of the spirit when all cabinet doors in the kitchen slammed at once. He would later experience items in his home move locations without explanation, such as a flashlight he keeps near the bed would move to the other side of the room in his sleep.

Believing he had a poltergeist, he called us. Myself (Will), Kat, Mason, and Amanda responded to interview Jeff on December 1st, 2016. We arrived at 7:30 PM and conducted the same cleansing we had done on a previous case of spiritual remnants. Once the interview and cleansing was complete, the house felt no different than before. Amanda sensed a presence in the master bedroom and master bathroom. I explained to Jeff that this may not be a poltergeist at all but may be demonic in nature. We asked to follow-up for a more elaborate cleansing. Jeff had to leave for work in a matter of hours for the weekend. We couldn’t conduct the ejection in time.

While Jeff was driving, he sent a series of texts describing his experiences.

Friday, December 2, 2016

0340 hours

Jeff texted asking for me to call immediately. He stated that the spirit followed him to the car. His friend saw it as well. He described the spirit as a man in his late 40’s. I advised him to ignore it and focus on Sealiah, his physical angel.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Jeff relayed that his roommate had no experiences at all since Jeff has been gone.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

1251 hours

Jeff stated that “it” has shown itself in the rearview mirror.

1633 hours

Jeff is panicked that “it” appeared on the hood of the car stating repeatedly “You’re going to die.”

Monday, December 5, 2016

Jeff awoke in bed with a loaded pistol in his mouth. He keeps his pistol next to the front door. He is breaking down.

2130 Hours

Myself and Nik arrive to begin the intervention of Vine, the demon I suspected is oppressing Jeff. I proceed with exorcising Jeff with Sealiah’s summoning while incorporating the oil fog mixture used before with Mike’s demon.

Once Jeff and Vine were separated, he was quarantined with wards so the demonic presence can be isolated. We cleansed the house to push the demon into the master bedroom. Once cornered, I began the summoning and banishment ritual. Just as the banishment ritual began, I felt as though I was being flanked by something. An image of the movie Jurassic Park entered my mind. The scene where the park ranger was staring at the raptor through the sights of his shotgun, when another raptor revealed itself next to his face. “Clever girl”.

I continued with the ritual, while feeling a pressure never felt before. The banishment took hold into another quartz charged with Sealiah’s frequency and the room fell quiet. The pressure on my chest lifted. The hairs on the back of my neck lay down.

Nik, our Shaman, explained that he sensed hellhounds during the banishment portion. This was before I had a chance to explain my experience within the room. I packed the crystal in sea salt in a wooden cylinder engraved with Sealiah’s sigils for protection. The cylinder was bound with copper wire and buried in hallowed ground to release the spirit as the wood rots.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Jeff and his roommate have felt completely peaceful at home. We continue to follow up with them on a regular basis.

Hiding Behind a Ghost

Due to the immeasurable personal interest, we strive to protect of our clients. Names are changed to protect their identity.

August 20th, 2016

As our group members studied and learned more about their innate gifts and interests, something stirred in town as if predestined to act as a test. Mike and Mary live in a beautifully blended Christian and Buddhist home. Principles of love and forgiveness practiced daily. As an owner of a tattoo shop, understanding symbolism is a requisite for Mike. In his home, he had a “guest”, a spirit who simply existed without consequence or threat. Over a couple of years, Mary would begin to see a shadowy figure standing above her bed or in the doorway to the bedroom. This figure wore, as she described, an Indiana Jones style hat, or Fedora.

Many people who claim to have seen shadow people describe the same style head wear. Descriptions of a man wearing a fedora and a long trench coat (best guessed from shadow silhouette) or even a woman dressed in a sun dress, have long been recorded and best described through Art Bell’s program which can be found" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">here.

The feeling that Mary had when she would see this man was foreboding and frightening. She would share her feelings with Mike, who would feel other presences but not visually see the shadow person.

My wife, Kat, and new member, Amanda, were receiving tattoos of the Pentacle of Solomon for protection when we met Mike. He naturally asked what the tattoos were for and a conversation ensued of our group as well as what we were aiming to accomplish. He described the events in his home and invited us over to investigate, not knowing the truth behind his oppression. We gladly accepted, happy to have a case to test our knowledge and skills on.

My wife and I met with Mike at his home and introductions were made to his wife, Mary. We took many readings through the home and interviewed them on the goings on that led them to believe their home was haunted.

I must admit, on walking in, there was a heaviness in the home that was breathtaking. A pressure that was tangible enveloped us both as we entered the home. Similar to the eerie sense of grief and dread one feels when walking into a wake. The two dogs who greeted us at the door were anxious and energetic, likely due to new visitors, except they weren’t interested in us. They maintained focus downstairs, where the master bedroom and bathroom was. We walked through the rooms and took EMF readings and took many photos. The only EMF reading of note was above the master bedroom. Also above the master bedroom was a fluorescent light fixture. I wrote the reading off to an improperly grounded light ballast. The pictures revealed a slight shape of a figure near the master bedroom but inconclusive due to the texture of the wall and the semi-gloss paint. This figure could merely have been a series of reflections from the wall texture.

Mary, who seemed oblivious to our presence was fixated on coloring at the kitchen table. She didn’t care about our walking through the most intimate places in our home but when we mentioned cameras overnight and a cleansing, she quickly became agitated. Mike terminated the investigation to avoid any conflicts at home with Mary. Understanding, my wife and I cancelled the plan for further surveillance and investigation.

PAT Device

The Photo-Accoustic Transmitter (PAT) device is an electronic way to transmit audio into a light wave. This is beneficial in our work because of many prayers, spells, or any other form of verbal communication can penetrate on another level with little interference. Through epiphany and inspiration we have stumbled on a set of frequencies for the 72 angels of the Shemhamphorash. Each of these angels are listed, by number, and expressly shown to be dominating forces over their Goetic demon counterparts.

By transmitting these frequencies over light, it has shown a potent effect on the elimination of demonic forces. Another use of this tech is a method of electronically cleansing crystals and homes to a universal zero. The natural frequency of the universe is 432 hz. by attuning the light to such, it penetrates crystalline objects phenomonally well!